Lesson 1

Walt Disney- What do I need to know about Walt Disney?

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Standards addressed include:

• Digital-Age Learning as Knowledge Constructors

• Digital-Age Learning Environments and Experiences

• Digital-Age Learning With Research and Information Literacy

• Facilitating & Inspiring Student Learning 

What do I need to know about Walt Disney?

There are 2 options for this assignment:

1.  Search for web sites that have information about Walt Disney and use the links listed below


2.  Watch the 1he 30 min video: Video ( Est. Time 1hr 30 min) : Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow 


Option 1

Use a search engine that is not Google…. What can you discover about Walt Disney?

Suggestions to use: Duck-Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo, DogPile, Yippy, Ask, or Mahalo

Link 1: ( Est Time10 min): https://www.biography.com/people/walt-disney-9275533

Link 2: ( Est Time10 min):  https://www.inc.com/larry-kim/31-surprising-facts-about-walt-disney.html

Link 3: ( Est Time 10 min):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney

Link 4: ( Est Time 10 min): Who was Walt Disney? D23 Article


Link 5 ( Est Time 30 Min):   The Walt Disney Story ( 26 min short Video)

Walt Disney tells his story.  A special on the successes, failures and most of all the person that was  Walt Disney. Walt shares first hand of growing up on his farm in  Marceline, Missouri, starting his own animation studio and imagining his  greatest dream, Disneyland. (Note: This is not the film they show in  the "One Man's Dream" exhibit at Disney's Hollywood Studios.) 

Option 2 

Walt Disney Video on Everything Walt Disney did and the impact he had on theme parks

Video ( Est. Time 1hr 30 min) : Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow 

You can download this file to watch it in shorter time segments, rather than watch it all at once.


Assignments ( Completion Date March 15-2019) :

Depending on which option you selected make a presnetation to share with the other members of our group and the Dr. Howie Disney History Institute (DHI)



10 NEW things you learned from the video and or Web links using Google Docs or Slides

Reflection Assignment:

Make a timeline in DOCS or SLIDES of what you think are the 10 most amazing things about Walt Disney. Use the 5 links above and your searches for reference. Include a title and a sentence to describe what he did.

You Decide:

Uses Google Slides, DOcs, Spreadsheet, Draw or Video to present your discoveries 

We will be using Google Classroom for the class. You will be provided instructions on how to complete the assignments by creating a Doc, or Slides, Draw, Spreadsheet or Video 

Login to Google Classroom:    Sign in to Classroom at www.classroom.google.com.

Questions contact:   Dr Howie    Email to Howie@frontier.net  

Google Classroom questions contact:    Ryan Boeckman  ryanboeckman@gmail.com

Total estimated time = 2 hours