Lesson Links 11-20 Available 3-15-19


Links available March 15

Lesson 11 Special Effects- How Did They Do that? 

Activities: Real-world math; Science and special effects; Ghosts-Math-Science-REALLY?; Monsters-Motion and Mechanics; Science and Special Effects ; More than meets the eye

Activity Spotlight: Real World Math in Special Effects

Web Activity Tool: Creativity – Special Effects School- Gnomon

Lesson 12: SURPRISE!!! We're Going To Walt Disney World 

Activities: Plan a trip; Expense accounts; How much will it cost?; Can we afford it? Which park should we go to?; Budget vs. expenses? 

Activity Spotlight: Budget for a family trip to Walt Disney World. Include plane, rooms, car rental, food, park tickets, gas, and souvenirs

Web Activity Tool: Office Tools - Spreadsheet

Lesson 13: Walking Down Main Street 

Activities: Windows on Main Street; Design YOUR own window on Main Street; Main Street scrapbook, Forces Perspective; Photo lessons

Activity Spotlight: Create a multimedia slideshow with 30 photos of “My Town” and add music

Web Activity Tool: Slide Show Creator - Kizoa

Lesson 14: WDW Railroad 

Activities: Who was Roger E Brogge?; Walt Disney and his trains; Transcontinental railroad; There’s a train a commin; Railroad tycoons; Travel on a train in 1864; Steel and tracks; Civil War railroads and trains; Connecting railroads

Activity Spotlight: Use a train schedule from 1884 and travel from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Web Activity Tool: MapMaker - Animaps

Lesson 15: Main Street Vehicles  

Activities: Cars, trolleys, and a bus; Compare and contrast 1900 transported to today; Digitals Stories; My Town slide show; Design a 1903 Paddy Wagon;  Design a car for the year 2020

Activity Spotlight: Design a new transportation system to move guests between the 4 Disney World Parks

Web Activity Tool: Digital Tools - Buncee

Lesson 16: Cinderella Castle  

Activities: Middle age Time period; From boyhood to Medieval Knight, Design a castle; Become a knight; 

Who was King Arthur?; Who was Merlin?; Kings and Queens; A King or a President?; Who do you want to be for a day? ; A King?, A Queen?, A Prince?, A Knight?; Design and build a paper Medieval Castle with a group of 3 students 

Activity Spotlight: Compare and contrast a teenager in the Middle Ages to a teenager today.

Web Activity Tool: Draw/Paint - CoSketch


Lesson 17: Swiss Family Treehouse 

Activities: Who was the “Swiss Family Robinson”?; Design and draw a Treehouse; A Magical Treehouse; Design a “Family Tree House” for a family of 4 to live in 

Activity Spotlight: Design a new Deluxe Suite in the Treehouse for VIP guests to stay in overnight

Web Activity Tool: Design - SketchALot

Lesson 18: Jungle Cruise  

Activities: Amazon Annie; Sail on the rivers; Research-share-present; Compare and Contrast; Design and build a model boat for 24 people to travel the Amazon

Activity Spotlight: Build a boat with ONLY recyclable material from the trash

Web Activity Tool: Communication/Design – AutoDesk Design Academy

Lesson 19: The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Activities: Where exactly is the Middle East?; Design a Flying Carpet; A Hero or a Villain?; Compare and contrast, a villain and a hero; What is a sidekick for to the villain or hero?

Activity Spotlight: Design a “Flying Carpet” for the year 2020

Web Activity Tool: Screen Sharing – ScreenCast-OMatic

Lesson 20: Pirates of the Caribbean  

Activities: Research, discuss, share, present; Think like a pirate; Map the Caribbean; Are there good pirates?; Treasure Island; Were there women pirates?; Visit the Pirate Museum, Who was Blackbeard?

Activity Spotlight: Explore an Interactive Website: “High Sea Adventures as a Pirate”

Web Activity Tool: Searching Tools - Factbytes