How Does Disney Design And Create A Disney Themed Attraction

Lesson 15


Standards addressed include:

• Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making

• Creativity, Curiosity and Innovation

• Digital-Age Learning Environments and Learning Experiences

• Technology Operations and Concepts

• Research and Information Fluency

• Facilitating & Inspiring Student

  Project Assignment: See Downloads Below

(Note: Downloads are below)

Bob Igar just called and gave you the green light for your idea for a new attraction at Hollywood studios. You have 70 million dollars and anything goes. He is requesting a 1 page document on the following:

  1. Name of the attraction
  2. Type of attraction-ie. Coaster, boat ride, dark ride, sit down/theater, simulator, etc.
  3. Audience: Who is the  the attraction designed for; ie. All, Adults, Teens, Kids, Seniors etc.
  4. Queue: Short description of the Interactive  Queue
  5. Back-Story:  Story behind the attraction: (sample below)
  6. Sketch: The FLOW of the attraction
  7. Attraction Details: Describe the attraction in detail – see sample below

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom

The track layout of the Magic Kingdom's version is mostly a carbon mirror image of the Disneyland version, with the exception of one section during the first act. 

Riders board the trains in an enclosed loading station on a hillside. Leaving the station, trains make a left hand turn into a bat-infested tunnel, make a slight right turn, and climb the first lift hill. At the top of the lift hill, trains pass under a waterfall and drop to the left. This is followed by a right hand turn, after which the track crosses under the second lift hill and drop. After crossing under the second lift hill drop, the track goes through a 270 degree clockwise spiral and passes through a short tunnel. Trains emerge from the tunnel and pass through the flooded town of Tumbleweed. The train passes over a decaying trestle (where the track is slightly banked from side to side), before entering Davy Jones Mine, where it hits a trim brake. Trains then make a left hand turn and climb the second lift hill. 

At the top of the second lift hill, trains drop to the left and cross under the lift hill, before rising into a 540 degree downhill counterclockwise helix, passing over a broken trestle. Leaving the helix, trains shoot up across a small hill, make a slight right turn, then drop through another tunnel and hit a trim brake. The trains then make a right hand turn into a tunnel and climb the third lift hill. As the train climbs the lift, an earthquake hits and makes the train cars sway from side to side (the effect achieved by slightly banking the track). Leaving the lift, trains emerge from the tunnel, crest a small rise, and drop to the left towards the Rivers of America. 

After traveling along a short section of straight track, the ride then makes a left hand turn through a short tunnel and crosses a short bridge. The train then makes a right hand turn, and passes through the ribcage of a T-Rex skeleton as it hits the final trim brake, makes a left hand turn past some geysers and hot springs, and rises into the final brakes. The train then coasts back to the station. 


Examples of Attractions/Rides Based on Movies


Avatar   Flight of Passage Avatar Disney's Animal Kingdom  Flying simulator


Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!  Ant-Man and the Wasp  Disneyland Dark Ride


Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters  Toy Story  Magic Kingdom   Interactive Ride


Dinosaur  Dinosaur  Disney's Animal Kingdom  Dark Ride


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage  Finding Nemo  Disneyland  Submarine Ride


Guardians of the Galaxy:   Cosmic Rewind Guardians of the Galaxy   Epcot  Roller Coaster


Jungle Cruise  The African Queen  Magic Kingdom  Boat Ride