Lesson 3 -Magic of Storytelling


The Magic of Storytelling

Standards Addressed:

• Communication, Collaboration and Storytelling 

• Creativity, Curiosity and Innovation

• Facilitating Digital-Age Work and Learning

• Engaging in Professional Growth and Leadership

• Research and Information Fluency

•  Digital-Age Learning Environments and Learning Experiences 


 Estimated completion time of readings, research, project and assignment = 3 hrs  

What's Your Story?

  Your assignment:

Your project assignment can deposited in Dropbox-Link Here

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Select one of the items below to do and complete and turn in to Dropbox

You have 3 options to complete this assignment-SELECT ONLY ONE

  1. What’s Your Story- Write or record audio      or video story of your life. Max      1000 words (2 Pages) or 15 min audio or video. Alternate is to use      PowerPoint


2.   A new park- is opening in 2022 at Walt      Disney World. Brain Collins from      Imagineering has requested you write a backstory for the new park, that is      called “Treasure Island” . It will be themed around Pirates and History.      Some of the attractions are called:  Blackbeard's Cave,  Captain Hook Cruise, Mariner's Landing, Jolly Roger Splash, Buccaneer Blaster, Treasure Chest, Jolly Roger Cove, Pirates Reef Ride, Caribbean Voyage, Sunken Treasure, Blackbeard Journey, Black Bart Adventure, Shark Explore and, Coral Reef


3.   Attendance is down by 32%  on the      attraction, ”Carousel  of Progress” in Magic Kingdom.  Write a new Backstory for the attraction to  increase attendance.  Explain what you would change in the attraction and how to get more guests to ride the attraction2

If you have not ridden the attraction  search on YouTube for a video of the ride.

MAX of  500 words-1000 words,  Or 5 min audio or video or you can present in PowerPoint

Background information

1.  Select 3 of the following articles to read the following documents: 


How Imagineers build engaging stories 

Lessons in Storytelling From Walt Disney

Why Disney keeps the art of storytelling at the heart of everything they do

How Walt Disney Taught Storytelling

PIXAR Storytelling Lessons

Secret History of Disney Rides

Best Disney World Backstories

A New Backstory from the Imagineers

The secret to Disney’s storytelling formula


Background Information


What’s Your Story?

The following are “Read, View and Learn” topics

Background Information-Articles for What’s Your Story Assignment

  1. What’s Your Story- Write or record audio      or video story of your life. Max      1000 words (2 Pages) or 15 min audio or video. Alternate is to use      PowerPoint

Resources-articles-See Downloads To Read below

1-The First 3 Steps To Writing Your Life Story – Download Doc Here

2-How to Write Your Story in 6 Steps – Download Doc Here

3-Write the Story of Your Life – Download Doc Here