Lesson Links 1-10


Links available March 15

Lesson 1: How To Use This Book 


Walt Disney - The Magic Kingdom Short URL: http://bit.ly/wdwlesson2


Video Walt Disney - The Magic Kingdom Short URL: http://bit.ly/wdwlessons2



Web Tool To Explore: Bookmarking-Draggo http://draggo.com/

Short URL: http://bit.ly/wdwlesson2b

Lesson 2: What I Need To Know About Walt Disney 

Activities: Q&A; Discussions; Research and share; Timeline; Make a poster or Infograic

Activity Spotlight: Explore: How did Walt Disney and his failures contribute to his amazing success?

Web Activity Tool: Bookmarking-Draggo

Lesson 3: What Makes Walt Disney World So Amazing? 

Activities: Q&A; Discussions; Research and share; World of Walt, How do you make memories at Walt Disney World?

Activity Spotlight: Taking Grandpa and Grandma to Walt Disney World for the first time

Web Activity Tool: Brainstorming – Bubble.us

Lesson 4: Creating The Magic-Traditions Class!  

Activities: Q&A; Research and share; Creative writing; Brainstorming; Describe the 4 Keys to GREAT Guest experiences.

Activity Spotlight: Why is the “Traditions Class” required of every Disney Cast Member?

Web Activity Tool: Collaboration – Mind42

Lesson 5: A Walk In The Park: Magic Kingdom 

Activities: Research and present; Video exploring; Creative writing; Interactive Maps; landscaping the Disney parks; Mickey Mouse Floral-How did they make that?; Describe the BEST 5 attractions at Walt Disney World

Activity Spotlight: Explore: Landscaping the Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Web Activity Tool: Maps - ScribbleMaps

Lesson 6: What Types Of Attractions Are At Walt Disney World? 

Activities: Research Search and present; What is a Disney Imagineer?; Video exploration, Disney patents; Disney design process; Name your favorite type of attraction

Activity Spotlight: Search for a patent on how a Disney Coaster attraction is constructed

Web Activity Tool: Draw – Sketchpad

Lesson 7: Telling Your Story 

Activities: Student created stories; Six words; Storytelling; Build a better Slideshow; Tell YOUR story in 20 photos

Activity Spotlight: Tell a story in only 6 words

Web Activity Tool: Storytelling - MyStoryMaker

Lesson 8: How does Disney Design and Create a Disney Themed Attraction? 

Activities: Blue Sky; Create an attraction, Creative Posters; Collaboration Project; ThrillMakers; Secrets behind the parks; Create an attraction; Let’s make a …..,Backstory-Queue-Ride, Concept Art, Create a Glog

Activity Spotlight: Design and create an “Ultimate Attraction Guide” and a poster for a NEW Disney attraction

Web Activity Tool: Draw - GoogleDraw

Lesson 9: What Is A Queue: Interactive, Themed, Immersive and Innovative 

Activities: Building a queue; Compare and contrast; Visual or Interactive?; Creating an Interactive Queue

Design and create a new Interactive Queue for the “It's A Small World” attraction

Activity Spotlight: Design A Haunted Mansion Themed Restaurant

Web Activity Tool: Communication - MindMeister

Lesson 10: Audio-Animatronics 

Activities: Research and share; Abe Lincoln was a robot?; Explore engineering video and simulations; A Auto-anima WHAT? , Creating a singing parrot

Activity Spotlight: Take apart a toy Animatronic to discover how it works

Web Activity Tool: Simulations - TryEngineering

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