Lesson Links 21-30 Available 3-15-19


Links available March 15

Lesson 21: Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room 

Activities: Hawaiian Tiki Rhyme Time; Tiki alphabet; Cultural diversity; Create a Tiki mask; What is a Parrot robot? Interpretation of statical data

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a Tiki mask

Web Activity Tool: Design/Draw/Paint – DrawIt Live


Lesson 22: Country Bear Jamboree 

Activities: Research, discuss, share, present; ABC’s of bears, Bear's poetry; What is a bear scientist?; Family of country music; Music games, Black Bear Shuffle

Activity Spotlight Travel to the North American Bear Center and become a “Bear Scientist.”

Web Activity Tool: Searching Tools – DuckDuck-Go

Lesson 23: Tom Sawyer Island  

Activities: Take a virtual tour; Create a travel brochure; Mark Twain Stories; Image Search, Civil Engineering 

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a new Barrel Bridge to cross the River

Web Activity Tool: Design/Draw/Paint - Kloudz

Lesson 24: Splash Mountain  

Activities: Who is Brer Rabbit?; Uncle Remus stories; Colorful Bayou; What is a tar baby?; 70 Years of Disney Song of the South; The Reconstruction Period; Songs of the Movie “Song Of The South”

Activity Spotlight: Explore “Song of the South”: The film Disney Does Not want you to see.

Web Activity Tool: Video Search – iTools/YouTube Video Search

Lesson 25: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®  

Activities: Gold rush; Mapping our route; Hydraulic mining; James Polk; Pyrite-What’s that?

Activity Spotlight: Chocolate Chip Mining for cookies and chips

Web Activity Tool: Bookmarking – LiveBinders 

Liberty Square

Lesson 26: The Hall of Presidents  

Activities: Road to the White House; President for a day; American History through the Presidents lens; Design a new one dollar bill

Activity Spotlight: TV Kids News: Make a 10-minute video on President For A Day

Web Activity Tool: Infographics - Easel.ly

Lesson 27: Liberty Square Riverboat  

Activities: Steamboats of the Mississippi; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Discover the mighty Mississippi; Building a steamboat paddle wheeler; Build a model steam engine-ADD THIS ACTIVITY

Has anyone ever built a steam-powered warship for the US Military/Navy?.

Activity Spotlight: Explore the Mighty…Muddy…Mississippi and how the Native Americans and traders used the river.

Web Activity Tool: Search/Research – http://www.ask.com - Interactive Steam Engine 

Lesson 28: Haunted Mansion®  

Activities: The Ghost Host; Doom Buggies; Museum of the Weird; Understanding “Inferencing; Design your legacy on a Tombstone; Design a Deluxe Suite, in the Haunted Mansion for guests to stay in overnight

Activity Spotlight: Build a model of the “Peppers Ghost” to demonstrate the dancing ghost effect; 

Web Activity Tool: Create an Infographic – Piktochart - How does “Peppers Ghost” work? 



Lesson 29: Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Activities: Carousels and Jousting; Kings and Queens; Princess and Dragons; Dragon Activities; Who is Prince Charming?; Myths and Legends; What is the Feudal system?; Would you rather be the President or a King?

Activity Spotlight: Design and Create a Mythical Creature

Web Activity Tool:Draw/Design/Paint - DrawIsland

Lesson 30: Mickey's PhilharMagic

Activities: What is 3D?, What is 4D?; A family of Instruments; Music Games; Acapella Fun; Ball droppings, What type of music do I like?

Activity Spotlight: Design a new musical instrument for the year 2020

Web Activity Tool: Musical Instruments - Virtual Musical Instruments