May 21-Lesson 11 -I Did Not Know That


Objective: Learn 4 new things about each Walt Disney World Park that you did not know.


Search the web for new and secret things      about the parks. Example searches      would be:

( Fill in the name of the park-see below for samples)

  1. In a MS Word      or Google Doc create a one- two page data sheet that you will be able to      share at out days in the parks at Walt Disney World.. Include the item and      a one or two sentrnce about the find.
  2. Print out      your sheet and bring it with you to the on-site class

Example searches

  Awesome Facts & Secrets About the Disney ( Fill in the park here) .

Discover the Hidden Facts & History of the ..Disney ………..

Hidden secrets of the Disney Magin Kingdom Park

Secrets of the Disney Hollywood Studios Park

Intriguing Hidden Secrets of Disney's Animal Kingdom park 

Disney Epcot Hidden Gems

Walt Disney World Best Kept Secrets - Animal Kingdom 

Unique Disney EPCOT Secrets You Must Discover ...

BEST Disney's Magic Kingdom Secrets!

Top Disney's Animal Kingdom Secrets!

Facts and Secrets About Disney's Hollywood Studios Park 

Hidden Magic: Secret things to see Disney EPCOT Park

Due Date May 31, 2019