Disney PD Magic Weekly Investigations

March 7- Lesson 1



March 7-Lesson 1 LINK 

What do I need to know about Walt Disney?

Who was Walt Disney? 

D23 Article & Video

March 14 - Lesson 2


March 14-Lesson 2 LINK 

What is Imagineering?

How Does Disney Design & Create New Attractions?

What Is An Imagineer?

Read & View Assignment

March 21- Lesson 3



March 21-Lesson 3 Link  

What makes a story great?

Lessons in Storytelling From Walt Disney

How Imagineers build engaging stories 

Why Disney keeps the art of storytelling at the heart of everything they do

Best Disney World Backstories

PIXAR Storytelling Lessons

A New Backstory from the Imagineers

March 28-Lesson 4



March 28-Lesson 4

 What Is This Queue All About Theme Park Theme Park or Amusement Park

How To Create The Magic

Inspiring Moments In Disney Rides

Types Of Attractions 

 Design a Themed Interactive Queue for "It’s A Small World" attraction 

April 7-Lesson 5



April 7-Lesson 5  

Search Like A Pro

Discovering a Better Search Engine

Advanced Searching Tips

Alternative Search Engines

Create A Doc-17 Thing You Can Do For Free At Walt Disney World

Create A Doc—Disney World Facts: Fun & Interesting Things to Know About Disney World

Create A Doc—Disney Myths & Secrets - Fact or Fiction

April 14-Lesson 6



April 14-Lesson 6 

The Rest of the Story

Think Like A Pirate-High Sea Adventure Create a story about this new attraction


The Rest of the Story-Write a new backstory for the Space Mountain ride


Write a backstory or PR piece for a new land at Walt Disney World Called 

“Treasure Island”

Disney PD Magic Weekly Investigations

April 21-Lesson 7



April 21-Lesson 7

My Turn-My Lesson

April 28-Lesson 8


 April 28-Lesson 8 


Star Wars In The Classroom

Marvel In The Classroom

May 7-Lesson 9


 May 7-Lesson 9

Learn To Draw Your Favorite Disney Character

Magic Kingdom

Walking down Main Street

Activities on Main Street

Fun facts about Main Street

A Walk In The Parks: 


May 14-Lesson 10



May 14-Lesson 10

Blue Sky Design Thinking 

Disney Hero’s & Villains- Design a new attraction/ride

Design a Themed Haunted Mansion Restaurant

Design a Themed Interactive Queue for It’s A Small World attraction

Create a Themed-Interactive Queue for Pirates 


May 21-Lesson 11



May 21-Lesson 11  

The Role of Audio-Animatronics

Special Effects in the Disney Parks   

Magic Kingdom


Hollywood Studios

 Animal Kingdom Park 


May 28-Lesson 12




May 28-Lesson 12

Design A Theme Park Attraction Project

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