Disney PD Magic Weekly Investigations

March 7- Lesson 1



March 7-Lesson 1 LINK 

What do I need to know about Walt Disney?

Who was Walt Disney? 

D23 Article & Video

March 14 - Lesson 2


March 14-Lesson 2 LINK 

What is Imagineering?

How Does Disney Design & Create New Attractions?

What Is An Imagineer?

Read & View Assignment

March 21- Lesson 3



March 21-Lesson 3 Link  

What makes a story great?

Lessons in Storytelling From Walt Disney

How Imagineers build engaging stories 

Why Disney keeps the art of storytelling at the heart of everything they do

Best Disney World Backstories

PIXAR Storytelling Lessons

A New Backstory from the Imagineers

March 28-Lesson 4


March 28-Lesson 4  LINK   

Types Of Attractions 

How Does Disney Create Attractions?

How To Create The Magic

Inspiring Moments In Disney Rides

What Is This Queue All About

Themed Queues

Interactive Queues 

April 7-Lesson 5



April 7-Lesson 5 LINK


Best Animatronics in Disney Attractions

Special Effects In Disney Attractions

April 14-Lesson 6


April 14-Lesson 6 

  Disney Hero’s & Villains- Design a new attraction/ride

Design a Themed Haunted Mansion Restaurant

Design a Themed Interactive Queue for It’s A Small World attraction

Write a backstory or PR piece for a new land at Walt Disney World Called “Treasure Island”

Create a Themed-Interactive Queue for Pirates


Disney PD Magic Weekly Investigations

April 21-Lesson 7



 Disney Music in the Classroom. 

After reviewing the materials provided on the two website links above, pick one of the following projects to complete: 

 1. Select a Disney song- Look over the lyrics - find images/photos to  match the lyrics-create a slideshow with Google Slides-Add the  music-Match the images/photos to the slide.

2. Select Disney songs- Look over the lyrics - Create s Google Slides Presentation to share life lessons learned from the songs.

3.  Design your own Disney Music Lesson for your content area. Use Google  Docs or Slides or Project Proposal or Draw or? You Decide 

April 30-Lesson 8


 April 30-Lesson 8  

Take the week off- No assignment this week. Chill or catch up on the past assignments.

All assignments are due on or before June 20, 2019. You will receive a certificate for the number of completed assignments in the form of CONTACT hours.  If you complete all assignments you will receive 50 CONTACT Hours. The contact hours will reduce if there are some assignments that  are not completed. It is your choice as to how many you complete, but we would encourage you to complete all of the assignments.

May 7-Lesson 9


 Super Hero’s & Villains: LINK 

Objective: Create a lesson to use in your content area.

This can be a one hour lesson a few days or a unit. It can be a discussion, research, compare and contrast, interactive activity or ????

Some may think---REALLY ?? Where do I start?

In the attachments are several lesson plans that could be used, adapted or modified.

May 14-Lesson 10




Welcome to Star Wars in the Classroom


Education resources for transdisciplinary teaching and learning with Star Wars.



May 21-Lesson 11


May 21-Lesson 11 

LINK:  I Did Not Know That 

Objective: Learn 4 new things about each Walt Disney World Park that you did not know.


  1. Search the web for new and secret things      about the parks. Example searches      would be:

( Fill in the name of the park-see below for samples)

  1. In a MS Word      or Google Doc create a one- two page data sheet that you will be able to      share at out days in the parks at Walt Disney World.. Include the item and      a one or two sentrnce about the find.
  2. Print out      your sheet and bring it with you to the on-site class

May 28-Lesson 12


  May 28-Lesson 12


Design A Theme Park Attraction

  • Disney will open it's 5th gate in 2022 in a new location.
  • It will be called Marvel land
  • Assignment:
  • Design a new attraction/ride themed around a Marvel character or group of characters, Superheros or Villains.

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