Disney PD Magic Investigations

On-Line-Lesson 1


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What do I need to know about Walt Disney?

Who was Walt Disney? 

 The Walt Disney Story  

 10 most amazing things about Walt Disney 

 Walt Disney and the impact he had on theme parks 

On-Line-Lesson 2


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What is Imagineering?

 Creating a “Disney Theme Park Attraction 

What Is A Imagineer?

 America's Thrillmakers  

Imagineering Stories 

On-Line-Lesson 3



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What makes a story great?  

Lessons in Storytelling From Walt Disney

How Imagineers build engaging stories 

Why Disney keeps the art of storytelling at the heart of everything they do

PIXAR Storytelling Lessons

Best Walt Disney World Backstories

On-Line-Lesson 4


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Types Of Attractions 

How Does Disney Create Attractions?

Inspiring Moments In Disney Rides

Ranking Every Ride at Walt Disney World  

Research, read and discuss the process of creating a “Disney Theme Park Attraction.”

View YouTube videos on Disney Theme park attractions 

On-Line-Lesson 5


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Best Animatronics in Disney Attractions

 10 Must See Animatronics at Walt Disney World!  

 An Inside Look at New Disney Parks Technology  

 Sixty Years of Innovation: Audio-Animatronics 

On-Line-Lesson 6


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What Is This Queue All About?

What are Themed queues?

What are  Interactive Queues?   

How Does Disney Design And Create A Disney Themed Queues? 

The BEST interactive and themed queues of Disney World

Disney PD Magic Investigations

On-Line-Lesson 7


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Special Effects In Theme Parks  

Best Special Effects at Disney World

Special Effects Science

The science behind Hollywood

How do they create the special effects on attractions at Walt Disney World

Math in Special Effects: Take the challenge

SPECIAL EFFECTS activities    

On-Line-Lesson 8


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What Makes Walt Disney World So Amazing? Research why mothers, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and kids all love going to Walt Disney WorldWhy do over 54 million people visit Walt Disney World every year?  Produce a  slide presentation on why you should take Grandma and Grandpa to Walt Disney World 

On-Line-Lesson 10


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 Walking Down Main Street U.S.A.  

Disney Digital Journey has hired you for a one hour walk down Main Street USA at Walt Disney World. Create a list of 20 things you can share with the 6th graders that will be on the tour. 

On-Line-Lesson 11


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Mapping Walt Disney World

Spatial Thinking in Grades preK-6 Map Skills  Types of Maps  How to Read Maps  World Maps  Parts of a Map Lesson for Kids  How to Locate Places  Map Memorization Games  Latitude & Longitude:Activities  Atlas Map Activities  Map Projects  Scale Drawing 

On-Line-Lesson 12


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  Free Things at Disney World 

 There’s a lot of free things to do at Walt Disney World. Search the Web for tipsand how to take advantage of these freebies, all of which are no money and no strings attached.

Create a liost to share with other class members 

Disney PD Magic Investigations

ON-Line -Lesson 13


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Disney Music in the Classroom. 

Pick one of the following projects to complete: 

1. Select a Disney song -Review  the lyrics - find images/photos to  match the lyrics-create a slideshow with Google Slides-Add the  music-Match the images/photos to the slide.  


2.  Design your own Disney Music Lesson for your content area. Use Google  Docs or Slides or Project Proposal or Draw or? You Decide 

On-Line - Lesson14


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 What is Your Favorite Disney Attraction-Ride?

Your Turn

Share what and why you love specific attractions

List your top 5 and convince us to ride the attraction 

On-Line-Lesson 15


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How Does Disney Design And Create A Disney Themed Attraction?  
Research, read and discuss the process of creating a “Disney Theme Park Attraction.”
View YouTube videos on Disney Theme park attractions
Design a new attraction/ride 

On-Line - Lesson 16


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"Why do I need to learn this stuff?"
Interactive lessons
Pixar and Khan Academy have collaborated to create, develop, and promote a series of learning tutorials that demonstrate how traditional school subjects such as math, science, and the arts are a vital part of the everyday work put into Pixar's filmmaking process.
Select one lesson to complete in the box and write a reflection piece


On-Line - Lesson 17


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Disney Hero’s & Villains 

Research differences between real world heroes and TV world heroes How stars and super heroes are created on television

How violence and action are used to give power to characters

On-Line - Lesson 18


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 it's a small world Link


Connect with learners in other parts of the world

Explore learning across distances and flat-world projects

What does it take to make global, collaborative learning more accessible for students?

 Students will engage in diverse experiences at home and abroad to increase their knowledge of global issues, regions, and cultures; improve their intercultural skills, and develop attitudes that cultivate global citizenship.

Disney PD Magic Investigations

On-Line-Lesson 19


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  Pirates of the Caribbean

Ahoy, mateys! Let’s go on a pirate adventure

Identify pirates and their roles in the ‘Atlantic World”, North Carolina, Florida and the Caribbean.

Identify and share information on three different pirates.

Identify characteristics of pirates and their significance in history. 

On-Line-Lesson 20


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Learn To Draw Disney Characters

Who is your favorite Disney character

Learn step by step by drawing a character

Share your drawing

On-Line-Lesson 21


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TTA People Mover

 Recognize the importance of alternate energy sources.
Understand how engineers help people by designing new methods of transportation that produce fewer emissions.
Explain why it is important for engineers to be able to present their ideas persuasively.


On-Line-Lesson 22


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Welcome to Star Wars in the Classroom


Education resources for transdisciplinary teaching and learning with Star Wars.



On-Line-Lesson 23


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 Disney Designers as Edmagineers 


Innoventions is an exploration museum at the EPCOT park in Walt Disney World, Florida. It focuses on technological advancements and their practical applications in everyday life. 

EPCOT Imagineers have hired you for 2 weeks. Innoventions  in desperate need of an upgrade. Guests walk in and out of the current attraction in 3 min.

On-Line - Lesson 24


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 Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress  

Create your own personal Carousel of Progress.
Changing our views on work and progress.
Understand how advances in technology have drastically changed the way we interact with the world and each other.    

Disney PD Magic Investigations

On-Line - Lesson 25


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Design a NEW Themed Interactive Disney Restaurant

(Counts as two (2) lessons)


 Select one of the following

Themed after “Haunted Mansion”

Themed after “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Themed after  “ Star Tours” or “Star Wars” , or “Galaxy Edge”

Themed after “ Toy Story Land”

Themed after  “Jungle Cruise”


Floor plan-Outside rendering-Build a backstory- Animatronics- check-in area themed-dress of the cast members-the- menu- restrooms    

On-Line - Lesson 26


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Create A Lesson

Designing Disney Inspired Classrooms

Theme Park Press just called. 

Deadline is in 2 weeks

They need a classroom lesson for your content area to publish in the 2nd edition