Table Of Contents


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Lesson 1: How To Use This Book 

Lesson Format 

Lesson 2: What I Need To Know About Walt Disney 

Activities: Q&A; Discussions; Research and share; Timeline; Make a poster or Infograic

Activity Spotlight: Explore: How did Walt Disney and his failures contribute to his amazing success?

Web Activity Tool: Bookmarking-Draggo

Lesson 3: What Makes Walt Disney World So Amazing? 

Activities: Q&A; Discussions; Research and share; World of Walt, How do you make memories at Walt Disney World?

Activity Spotlight: Taking Grandpa and Grandma to Walt Disney World for the first time

Web Activity Tool: Brainstorming –

Lesson 4: Creating The Magic-Traditions Class!  

Activities: Q&A; Research and share; Creative writing; Brainstorming; Describe the 4 Keys to GREAT Guest experiences.

Activity Spotlight: Why is the “Traditions Class” required of every Disney Cast Member?

Web Activity Tool: Collaboration – Mind42

Lesson 5: A Walk In The Park: Magic Kingdom 

Activities: Research and present; Video exploring; Creative writing; Interactive Maps; landscaping the Disney parks; Mickey Mouse Floral-How did they make that?; Describe the BEST 5 attractions at Walt Disney World

Activity Spotlight: Explore: Landscaping the Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Web Activity Tool: Maps - ScribbleMaps

Lesson 6: What Types Of Attractions Are At Walt Disney World? 

Activities: Research Search and present; What is a Disney Imagineer?; Video exploration, Disney patents; Disney design process; Name your favorite type of attraction

Activity Spotlight: Search for a patent on how a Disney Coaster attraction is constructed

Web Activity Tool: Draw – Sketchpad

Lesson 7: Telling Your Story 

Activities: Student created stories; Six words; Storytelling; Build a better Slideshow; Tell YOUR story in 20 photos

Activity Spotlight: Tell a story in only 6 words

Web Activity Tool: Storytelling - MyStoryMaker

Lesson 8: How does Disney Design and Create a Disney Themed Attraction? 

Activities: Blue Sky; Create an attraction, Creative Posters; Collaboration Project; ThrillMakers; Secrets behind the parks; Create an attraction; Let’s make a …..,Backstory-Queue-Ride, Concept Art, Create a Glog

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a “Ultimate Attraction Guide” and a poster for a NEW Disney attraction

Web Activity Tool: Draw - GoogleDraw

Lesson 9: What Is A Queue: Interactive, Themed, Immersive and Innovative 

Activities: Building a queue; Compare and contrast; Visual or Interactive?; Creating an Interactive Queue

Design and create a new Interactive Queue for the “It's A Small World” attraction

Activity Spotlight: Design A Haunted Mansion Themed Restaurant

Web Activity Tool: Communication - MindMeister

Lesson 10: Audio Animatronics 

Activities: Research and share; Abe Lincoln was a robot?; Explore engineering video and simulations; A Auto-annima WHAT? , Creating a singing parrot

Activity Spotlight: Take apart a toy Animatronic to discover how it works

Web Activity Tool: Simulations - TryEngineering

Lesson 11 Special Effects- How Did They Do that? 

Activities: Real-world math; Science and special effects; Ghosts-Math-Science-REALLY?; Monsters-Motion and Mechanics; Science and Special Effects ; More than meets the eye

Activity Spotlight: Real World Math in Special Effects

Web Activity Tool: Creativity – Special Effects School- Gnomon

Lesson 12: SURPRISE!!! We're Going To Walt Disney World 

Activities: Plan a trip; Expense accounts; How much will it cost?; Can we afford it? Which park should we go to?; Budget vs. expenses? 

Activity Spotlight: Budget for a family trip to Walt Disney World. Include plane, rooms, car rental, food, park tickets, gas, and souvenirs

Web Activity Tool: Office Tools - Spreadsheet

Lesson 13: Walking Down Main Street 

Activities: Windows on Main Street; Design YOUR own window on Main Street; Main Street scrapbook, Forces Perspective; Photo lessons

Activity Spotlight: Create a multimedia slideshow with 30 photos of “My Town” and add music

Web Activity Tool: Slide Show Creator - Kizoa

Lesson 14: WDW Railroad 

Activities: Who was Roger E Brogge?; Walt Disney and his trains; Transcontinental railroad; There’s a train a commin; Railroad tycoons; Travel on a train in 1864; Steel and tracks; Civil War railroads and trains; Connecting railroads

Activity Spotlight: Use a train schedule from 1884 and travel from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Web Activity Tool: MapMaker - Animaps

Lesson 15: Main Street Vehicles  

Activities: Cars, trolleys, and a bus; Compare and contrast 1900 transported to today; Digitals Stories; My Town slide show; Design a 1903 Paddy Wagon;  Design a car for the year 2020

Activity Spotlight: Design a new transportation system to move guests between the 4 Disney World Parks

Web Activity Tool: Digital Tools - Buncee

Lesson 16: Cinderella Castle  

Activities: Middle age Time period; From boyhood to Medieval Knight, Design a castle; Become a knight; 

Who was King Arthur?; Who was Merlin?; Kings and Queens; A King or a President?; Who do you want to be for a day? ; A King?, A Queen?, A Prince?, A Knight?; Design and build a paper Medieval Castle with a group of 3 students 

Activity Spotlight: Compare and contrast a teenager in the Middle Ages to a teenager today.

Web Activity Tool: Draw/Paint - CoSketch


Lesson 17: Swiss Family Treehouse 

Activities: Who was the “Swiss Family Robinson”?; Design and draw a Treehouse; A Magical Treehouse; Design a “Family Tree House” for a family of 4 to live in 

Activity Spotlight: Design a new Deluxe Suite in the Treehouse for VIP guests to stay in overnight

Web Activity Tool: Design - SketchALot

Lesson 18: Jungle Cruise  

Activities: Amazon Annie; Sail on the rivers; Research-share-present; Compare and Contrast; Design and build a model boat for 24 people to travel the Amazon

Activity Spotlight: Build a boat with ONLY recyclable material from the trash

Web Activity Tool: Communication/Design – AutoDesk Design Academy

Lesson 19: The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Activities: Where exactly is the Middle East?; Design a Flying Carpet; A Hero or a Villain?; Compare and contrast, a villain and a hero; What is a sidekick for to the villain or hero?

Activity Spotlight: Design a “Flying Carpet” for the year 2020

Web Activity Tool: Screen Sharing – ScreenCast-OMatic

Lesson 20: Pirates of the Caribbean  

Activities: Research, discuss, share, present; Think like a pirate; Map the Caribbean; Are there good pirates?; Treasure Island; Were there women pirates?; Visit the Pirate Museum, Who was Blackbeard?

Activity Spotlight: Explore an Interactive Website: “High Sea Adventures as a Pirate”

Web Activity Tool: Searching Tools - Factbytes

Lesson 21: Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room 

Activities: Hawaiian Tiki Rhyme Time; Tiki alphabet; Cultural diversity; Create a Tiki mask; What is a Parrot robot? Interpretation of statical data

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a Tiki mask

Web Activity Tool: Design/Draw/Paint – DrawIt Live


Lesson 22: Country Bear Jamboree 

Activities: Research, discuss, share, present; ABC’s of bears, Bear's poetry; What is a bear scientist?; Family of country music; Music games, Black Bear Shuffle

Activity Spotlight Travel to the North American Bear Center and become a “Bear Scientist.”

Web Activity Tool: Searching Tools – DuckDuck-Go

Lesson 23: Tom Sawyer Island   

Activities: Take a virtual tour; Create a travel brochure; Mark Twain Stories; Image Search, Civil Engineering 

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a new Barrel Bridge to cross the River

Web Activity Tool: Design/Draw/Paint - Kloudz

Lesson 24: Splash Mountain  

Activities: Who is Brer Rabbit?; Uncle Remus stories; Colorful Bayou; What is a tar baby?; 70 Years of Disney Song of the South; The Reconstruction Period; Songs of the Movie “Song Of The South”

Activity Spotlight: Explore “Song of the South”: The film Disney Does Not want you to see.

Web Activity Tool: Video Search – iTools/YouTube Video Search

Lesson 25: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®  

Activities: Gold rush; Mapping our route; Hydraulic mining; James Polk; Pyrite-What’s that?

Activity Spotlight: Chocolate Chip Mining for cookies and chips

Web Activity Tool: Bookmarking – LiveBinders 

Liberty Square

Lesson 26: The Hall of Presidents  

Activities: Road to the White House; President for a day; American History through the Presidents lens; Design a new one dollar bill

Activity Spotlight: TV Kids News: Make a 10-minute video on President For A Day

Web Activity Tool: Infographics -

Lesson 27: Liberty Square Riverboat  

Activities: Steamboats of the Mississippi; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Discover the mighty Mississippi; Building a steamboat paddle wheeler; Build a model steam engine-ADD THIS ACTIVITY

Has anyone eery built a steam-powered warship for the US Military/Navy?.

Activity Spotlight: Explore the Mighty…Muddy…Mississippi and how the Native Americans and traders used the river.

Web Activity Tool: Search/Research – - Interactive Steam Engine 

Lesson 28: Haunted Mansion®  

Activities: The Ghost Host; Doom Buggies; Museum of the Weird; Understanding “Inferencing; Design your legacy on a Tombstone; Design a Deluxe Suite, in the Haunted Mansion for guests to stay in overnight

Activity Spotlight: Build a model of the “Peppers Ghost” to demonstrate the dancing ghost effect; 

Web Activity Tool: Create an Infographic – Piktochart - How does “Peppers Ghost” work?


Lesson 29: Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Activities: Carousels and Jousting; Kings and Queens; Princess and Dragons; Dragon Activities; Who is Prince Charming?; Myths and Legends; What is the Feudal system?; Would you rather be the President or a King?

Activity Spotlight: Design and Create a Mythical Creature

Web Activity Tool:Draw/Design/Paint - DrawIsland

Lesson 30: Mickey's PhilharMagic

Activities: What is 3D?, What is 4D?; A family of Instruments; Music Games; Acapella Fun; Ball droppings, What type of musics do I like?

Activity Spotlight: Design a new musical instrument for the year 2020

Web Activity Tool: Musical Instruments - Virtual Musical Instruments

Lesson 31: t's a small world 

Activities: Mary Blair; Audio-animatronic dolls; Creating Meaningful, Global Connections; Connecting the World; Global Learning; Who are the Sherman Brothers?; Making Birds Nest Soup

Activity Spotlight: Design and tell a story for the new interactive queue at “it’s A Small World” attraction

Web Activity Tool: Global Collaborations – ePals- Friendship Through Education

Lesson 32: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh  

Activities: Pooh-Tigger and Eeyore; What is Eeyore always so sad? What is Tiger always so cheerful?; Who is a.a. Milne?; Lost in the woods; Pooh email; Write a new chapter for  the New Pooh book; Design a new Interactive Animatronic “Design a “Winnie The Pooh Bear” toy, that walks and talks 

Activity Spotlight: Compare and contrast all of the Pooh main characters: Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Tigger

Web Activity Tool: Communication - Winnie-the-Pooh MadLib

Lesson 33: Mad Tea Party  

Activities: Who is Lewis Carrol? ; A trip to Wonderland; Queen of Hearts ; My UnBirthday; Down the rabbit hole; How is Professor Randy Pauch connected to the attraction Tea Cups?; Why are there gears in the Tea?; Gears and cogs

Activity Spotlight: Answer the questions: Why is the Mad Hatter, Mad?; Why is the Queen of Hearts, Heartless?;  Why is Grumpy, Grumpy?

Web Activity Tool: Search/Research - Where Is Wonderland?

Lesson 34: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 

Activities: Physics of coasters; How coasters work; Coaster Thrills; Design a coaster; How did the Imagineers design and build the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction?, Build a model paper coaster; Why is the “Evil Queen” evil; Why are the “Wicked Queen,” wicked?,

Activity Spotlight: What are the jobs of each of the seven dwarfs?

Web Activity Tool: Research – WolframAlpha – Roller Coasters

Lesson 35: The Barnstormer  

What is a Barnstormer?; Wiseacre Farm, Activities; Grandma Farm; Who were the “Barnstormers?; Flying Circus; Wing walkers; Up and Away; Aviation Pioneers; Who was Wiley Post?

Activity Spotlight: Design and create a paper bi-plane for the future

Web Activity Tool: Creativity/Make/Build - How to Make the Fastest Paper Airplane

Lesson 36: Dumbo the Flying Elephant  

Activities: Dumbo and the political System; Was Dumbo an African or Asian elephant?; Design a trunk; How do engineers help animals?; How do elephants hear, feel, taste, and smell?; Biomedical engineers

Activity Spotlight: Discover how engineers can help a Penguin

Web Activity Tool: Research/Search – How Could an Elephant Fly?

Lesson 37: Enchanted Tales with Belle

Activities:Words-Math-Sentence; Creating word problems; Cover stories; Character development; My new character; Maurice’s weather vane

Activity Spotlight: Design a cover and character for a new book

Web Activity Tool: Design/Draw - Book Cover Design - Tips and Inspiration

Lesson 38: Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid  

Activities: Building a food web under the sea; Fish out of water; Designing a public service announcement to save the oceans. 

Activity Spotlight: Diversity of  ocean life-Help students understand how fragile that diversity is.

Web Activity Tool: Creativity - Build-a-Fish-Shedd Aquarium

Lesson 39: Peter Pan's Flight  

Activities: The Science of shadows; Thinking happy thoughts; Tinkerbell Venn diagram; 

Design and build your own fairy house.

Activity Spotlight: Brainstorm reasons why Tinkerbell is angry all the time. 

Web Activity Tool: Writing/Communication - Inside Out Writing Activity


Lesson 40: Astro Orbiter  

Activities: Balloon Powered Rockets; Space Pictionary; Design a “Space Game”

Activity Spotlight: Blast off with your food.

Web Activity Tool: Gaming/Code - Scratch

Lesson 41: Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin  

Activities: Astro Blasters; Space Station Research; NASA FoilSim; Solar system

Activity Spotlight: An asteroid that is one mile wide is going to crash into the earth in 30 days. Design a system to stop the asteroid, so it does not hit the earth.

Web Activity Tool: Disney Pixar Lesson Plans & Learning Resources

Lesson 42: Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor 

Activities: Static Electricity Power; When joking becomes teasing; Monster Mash.

Activity Spotlight: Exploring the different characteristics that a monster can have

Web Activity Tool: LessonPlanet - Monsters Inc Lesson Plans & Worksheets by Teachers

Lesson 43: Tomorrowland Speedway  

Activities: Drive a NASCAR; Simulators; Design a car for 2020; Cars of the future; F1 Racing Tour

Activity Spotlight: Build a Rocker Racer car

Web Activity Tool: STEM/STEAM - STEM Car Crash Project

Lesson 44: Space Mountain  

Activities: Mars Thinking Web; NASA spin-offs; Rover Races; Imaginary Martians; Mars Landing Pod Design

Activity Spotlight: How to control a Mars Rover from space

Web Activity Tool: Mars Rover Game-Mars Rover drivers wanted to explore Mars

Lesson 45: Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover  

Activities: Progress City Transportation; The future of Energy;

Activity Spotlight: Design your own Progress City.

Web Activity Tool: A Mass-Transit Proposal To Connect A City Using Aerial Gondolas

Lesson 46: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Activities: Our own personal Carousel of Progress.; Changing our views on work and progress.;

Activity Spotlight: Building an electric house.

Web Activity Tool: Search/Research - What will the house of the future be like? Design competition

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